Thursday, 24 June 2010

Let Go, Let Peace Come In.

Well, as I rarely get any complaints about my lack of blogging I can only assume that it's just the three of you who read it! So, I am not going to waffle as the sunshine is beckoning. (Only joking, I am at work)

The trip to Philadelphia was a huge success and I am proud to say that napac is now part of a world-wide alliance that will attempt (no, we "will" bring the issue of abuse and it's devastating aftermath to the attention of our world leaders.we don't have a name for the alliance yet and we are still working on the objectives but in the meantime I would urge you to visit the website of Let Go, Let Peace Come In.....and post a photo. It's so important.

All is generally good in the office though we are now in desperate need of more space. So if you know of any rock or movie stars who want to give away a mansion or two, let us know.
Finally, it's not too late to come to our ballet event at the London Coliseum in three weeks time.(Wednesday,14th July 7pm)) Come and meet our patrons, Deidre Sanders (agony aunt), Antony Worrall Thompson and Esther Rantzen CBE. They will all be there and they look forward to seeing YOU. But get in quick as tickets are going fast. Contact for further details..........but do it now!

I hope you are enjoying the fine weather and Englnd's win yesterday? One benefit of an English victory is that I encounter slightly fewer angry drivers on my bike ride home. Roll on the match against the old adversary, Germany. It could be a thriller (but probably won't be)

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Here comes Summer

Mind it's a bit chilly in London today. Very chilly in fact.So chilly that I am flying to the sun tomorrow soon as I have cast my vote in the General Election.
I am going to Philadelphia to talk with an amazing bunch of people about setting up a world body for abuse survivors. How cool is that? I will let you know what happens, though as you have discovered long ago I am a very bad blogger. Best in fact if you keep an eye on the website for what is going on here.

Iv'e done loads of media interviews lately and when I wasn't able to get in front of a TV screen or Radio mic our Helen has deputised. And what a brilliant job she did too. (think she's after my job!).
Well I mention below something that the aforementioned Helen has just put on our website..........which is why I say "if you want to know what's going on at napac, that's where you need to look".

I hope all is well and I hope you have a good summer.

Pope Benedict.

As you know the Pope is visiting Britain in September. What’s this got to do with NAPAC? Answer. Over the years we have heard from lots of people who suffered child abuse at the hands of Catholic (and other) clergy.

I was brought up as a Roman Catholic and I remain a Christian. However, in common with many other Catholics and former Catholics I have some concerns about this visit and about the appalling record the Roman Catholic Church has in terms of addressing child abuse. Whatever the provisions now in place to make the Church a ‘safe’ place for children and vulnerable people, the past has seen some pretty appalling cover-ups. Worse still we know that not that long ago abusing priests were moved from one place to another following allegations of abuse. My heart goes out to the millions of good Catholics around the world who must be feeling terribly let down by their leaders but that is nothing compared to the pain I feel for the millions of people around the world who suffered abuse. They have to live with that everyday and for the rest of their lives.

I do not mind the Pope coming to my country but given all that has happened I hope he is prepared to meet with survivors of abuse. And I don’t mean a carefully stage-managed event where those people are not allowed to speak to him in private. He needs to hear some home truths. If he is genuine, indeed I would say if he is a Christian, then he will meet survivors and demonstrate by his subsequent actions that he takes this matter seriously.

There is a pressure group formed which opposes the visit and I do have some sympathy for their actions. Indeed, much of what they say is legitimate and sound. I know some of them personally and I want to work alongside them, not necessarily to prevent the Pope’s visit but to ensure that it is a productive visit and not just one big photo-opportunity or publicity stunt.

The opportunity to converse with the head of a Congregation numbering a billion is not one that we at NAPAC want to pass up. Not because we want to hob-nob with ‘The Pope’ but because we want to give him the opportunity to put into action the many words that have poured forth from the Vatican and some Catholic dioceses over past months.

To us words are important, but without action they become hollow and meaningless. The action we would like to see includes the Church divesting itself of some of it’s assets and turning them in to resources to help survivors. I am not talking about personal payouts necessarily though many survivors deserve as much but I would like to see the Catholic Church (and other religious institutions) turn their words into action. It is harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle! Watch this space!

I'm riding to work again having broken a rib when I fell over running in. Thought I'd share that with you too.
Take care

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Attacks by the enemy.

Many of you will be troubled by the recent activities of the British False Memory Society and its supporters. Articles and so-called ‘research’ by BFMS supporters denying our experience of abuse is bound to hit us hard because the only thing worse than suffering the abuse we suffered is to be told that we are liars. That it’s a ‘false memory’. Don’t be fooled, these are dangerous people and if I were an abuser I would join the BFMS tomorrow. But anyone who knows anything about abuse and its consequences will tell you that the term ‘false memory’ was coined by those accused of abuse……well they would wouldn’t they?

See below our response to today’s article in the Guardian On-Line – Science section. If you are a survivor of abuse and particularly if you are a woman I wouldn’t read it. Apparently when you’re feeling low we .....................invent child abuse memories to explain it...............................what dangerous nonsense.

Guardian On - line
· 'I cannot understand why so many column inches are given to people who choose to attack survivors of child abuse and deny their experiences of a traumatic childhood. This 'false memory' nonsense is such a nonsense and yet the so-called quality press insist on giving abusers, abuse deniers and their supporters so much space. Our charity hears from thousands of people who suffered childhood abuse and when they are subjected to this dangerous tripe written by Professor This or Doctor That it is no wonder they are driven to despair. But these so-called academics are indeed doing all abusers a huge favour. They are effectively silencing victims for fear of attracting ridicule.....but then I suppose that is what they have set out to do. And it's what abusers do. They silence their child victims with cunning, intimidation and threats (mostly a combination of all three) and now they can rely on certain dangerous elements within the abuse denying community to carry on the job.
Child abuse is a crime against humanity. There is none worse. That we give this small community a very loud voice is depressing, not to mention thoroughly dangerous for current and future generations of children.
Peter Saunders. Chief Executive. National Association for People Abused in Childhood. London

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The Pope's Brother.

We are not in the least surprised to hear that the Pope's brother has been implicated in the latest sexual abuse scandal in Germany involving the Catholic Church.

We are feeling devastated for the victims of these latest abuse revelations but also feel for the millions of Roman Catholics around the world who must be reeling from all these horrendous revelations about their religious leaders.They deserve better, much better.