Thursday, 11 March 2010

Attacks by the enemy.

Many of you will be troubled by the recent activities of the British False Memory Society and its supporters. Articles and so-called ‘research’ by BFMS supporters denying our experience of abuse is bound to hit us hard because the only thing worse than suffering the abuse we suffered is to be told that we are liars. That it’s a ‘false memory’. Don’t be fooled, these are dangerous people and if I were an abuser I would join the BFMS tomorrow. But anyone who knows anything about abuse and its consequences will tell you that the term ‘false memory’ was coined by those accused of abuse……well they would wouldn’t they?

See below our response to today’s article in the Guardian On-Line – Science section. If you are a survivor of abuse and particularly if you are a woman I wouldn’t read it. Apparently when you’re feeling low we .....................invent child abuse memories to explain it...............................what dangerous nonsense.

Guardian On - line
· 'I cannot understand why so many column inches are given to people who choose to attack survivors of child abuse and deny their experiences of a traumatic childhood. This 'false memory' nonsense is such a nonsense and yet the so-called quality press insist on giving abusers, abuse deniers and their supporters so much space. Our charity hears from thousands of people who suffered childhood abuse and when they are subjected to this dangerous tripe written by Professor This or Doctor That it is no wonder they are driven to despair. But these so-called academics are indeed doing all abusers a huge favour. They are effectively silencing victims for fear of attracting ridicule.....but then I suppose that is what they have set out to do. And it's what abusers do. They silence their child victims with cunning, intimidation and threats (mostly a combination of all three) and now they can rely on certain dangerous elements within the abuse denying community to carry on the job.
Child abuse is a crime against humanity. There is none worse. That we give this small community a very loud voice is depressing, not to mention thoroughly dangerous for current and future generations of children.
Peter Saunders. Chief Executive. National Association for People Abused in Childhood. London